News: Meet Scott Amber Senior Project Engineer


Scott, 25, oversees our team of project engineers who design the NERAK machines at our head office and production facility in Brecon, Wales.












Tell me about how you came to Nerak UK? “I did my degree in product and industrial design in what’s now known as Cardiff Met. When I graduated in 2013 I came straight to Nerak as a project engineer and worked my way up to be Senior Project Engineer.”


What has helped you in your role? “Having a bit of an OCD! I’m a stickler for detail and you have to be like that in this field of work, so it’s come in handy.”


What makes you tick? “I’d say I’m a big sports guy, I love rugby but I’m also a massive Liverpool fan and of course my home town, Swansea.”



Do you play rugby yourself? “I did but I cant anymore. I played some really tough matches against 20 stone blokes and survived injury free, then on one of my last games before I moved to Cardiff to live, I played an average match against average sized blokes, went in for the tackle as you do and killed a nerve in my shoulder. I didn’t do it by half measures I have properly ruined it! I had a nerve transplant but I’ve got a numb left arm now for the rest of my life.”


How do you feel about winning in sport? “I like winning, but, I’m humble in defeat as well as in victory, I think that’s really important.”


What’s your Favorited food? “Its got to be pizza but I’m a bit of a controversial pizza lover…. I like a bit of fruit on my pizza so I’d have to say Hawaiian.”


What does a dream holiday look like for you? “I love island hopping, so an exploring type holiday. My best so far was going from the north coast of Croatia to the south coast, it’s such a beautiful place and the people are lovely. I prefer to blend in with the locals and get the authentic experience. The food was great and I had some wild nights on an island called Hvar, it’s fair to say I had a pretty bad headache for several days after that one.”


What do you feel the best thing about NERAK UK is? “It’s the working culture. For the person with the right attitude there is always ample opportunity to grow. It’s an open door policy for ambitious people so if you want to better yourself as a person as well as a professional, senior management will always support you to pursue it.”

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