News: Colleagues Scott Amber And Claire Shaw Become Prince2 Practitioners


Scott and Claire completed the Prince2 accreditation course recently which has supported how we work with our customers and with our colleagues when developing projects.

“The course provides the skills to make you confident about successfully managing projects and allows you to control resources and risks,” says Claire, NERAK Aftercare Manager.

What Does The Course Involve?

Prince2 sets out a framework for undertaking projects in controlled environments using a thorough and consistent step by step approach covering planning, reviews, the involvement of management and stakeholders, acknowledging and analysing lessons learnt.

It uses a common language, systems and procedures based on 7 principles, 7 themes and 7 processes.

You can tailor the processes and themes to the complexity of the project but you cannot change the principles. The framework ensures that no one person becomes overburdened at any one time and careful consideration for use of resources creates maximum efficiency.

Who’s The Course For?

“This can work for smaller businesses and big corporations alike so the beauty of this is that as NERAK continues to grow we are fully adapt to take on bigger and more complex orders and projects,” says Scott Amber, Senior Project Engineer.

We know through following the Prince2 process we’ll give ourselves and our customers an even better experience of working together.

“You can also transfer some of the learnings from Prince2 across other areas of your business. This includes the systems and service infrastructure for example,” states Scott.

Claire and Scott both agree if you have a basic understanding of how running a project works then Prince2 can really help you develop your skills.

“It’s a brilliant week long course which is very intense, we would highly recommend it.”


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