News: Meet Will Our Solution Design Engineer, Aerospace Engineering Graduate And David Attenborough Fan


Will was born and bred in Wales and joins us as a graduate from Swansea University where he completed a degree in Aerospace Engineering, a fascinating subject.

During his studies he designed, constructed and tested Drones for use in Tanzania destined to deliver Medical Aid to hard-to-reach areas, something he was quite rightly really proud of.


His party trick is wiggling his ears simultaneously, we have had him showcasing this in the offices and can validate this as true!

Rumour has it Will’s brother can also go one step further and wiggle each ear in its own right……Sibling rivalry must have been rife.


If he could have dinner with anyone in the world, he would love it to be Sir David Attenborough, a truly legendary British Icon whose life and knowledge on the wonders of the natural world astounds us all.


Will has a really varied taste on the music and film front.

One of his favourite songs is by Aerosmith “Don’t want to miss a thing” which reminds him of Armageddon, a film he has watched countless times along with his two other favourites, Jurassic Park (the first ever release) and Titanic.



His best holiday to date was going to Disneyland Paris with a girlfriend where he loved “Big Thunder Mountain” and Mr Incredible.


If he could step in the shoes of someone famous for a day he would like to drive a Formula 1 Car, like the iconic Michael Schumacher…

Will got the driving bug when taking part in track days.

Will Driving a Ferrari on Kenilworth Race Circuit in Birmingham

When Will’s not at work, you’ll find him in the gym building up his Arnold Schwarzenegger muscles or avidly watching Welsh Rugby with friends.

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