News: Qualified Scuba Diver and Army Cadet Trainee Instructor Matt Allen Joins The Growing NERAK Team


Matt joins us as a Solution Design Engineer with a breadth of experience gained during his time with Tata Steel and Siderise Group.

Over many years, Matt undertook a range of roles including Process Engineer, Design Engineer and Project Engineer with additional involvement with Quality Insurance and Standards, all of which has given him a wide industry perspective.

He has a HND in Mechanical Engineering and a HNC in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, he has a love for computers and is known as “Tech Support” to family and friends.


Matt has a very adventurous side and has a love of sport with his favourite experiences so far being Indoor Skydiving and Scuba Diving, something which he qualified in at an early age.


Born in Bridgend, Wales, Matt is currently training as a PI (Potential Instructor) with his local Army Cadet Force which he thoroughly enjoys.

As well as all the fantastic opportunities both he and the cadets have, he really values the inclusive approach where all individuals are equally encouraged to prosper and shine.

His work with the cadets is on a voluntary basis and he has felt the most rewards watching each child grow in confidence.

“Sometimes, we have children who come from very broken homes. In the outside world they are dismissed as trouble makers but they begin to thrive in the cadets environment. They actually demonstrate fantastic personal qualities and leadership skills that in turn encourage other fellow cadets to positively challenge and grow themselves, it’s great to see such progress.”

Partial to a Chinese, Matt’s favourite dish is Special Fried Rice with BBQ Spare Ribs and Chicken and White Mushroom.

He also has a love of Disney; Zootropolis is one of his favourite all time films. For those of you who have seen it, he really admires the attitude of Judy the bunny, who plays the main character. “She never gives up despite the fact she goes against the norm in her society, she just does the best with what she has and I like the fact that she is intentionally not perfect.”

Matt’s favourite saying is “Sharing Tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life’s true delights.” It reflects his love for learning, meeting new people and taking new opportunities wherever possible.

Matt and Will enjoy working closely together in their new roles in the Design Solutions Centre in Brecon.

Colleagues Matt (Left) and Will (Right)

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