News: 3D Simulation Brings Customer Projects To Life…


3D modelling is the process of using software to create a mathematical representation of a 3-dimensional object or shape.

It is used by a wide range of industries from film to medical, from architecture to construction and everything in between. This technology allows conceptual plans and products to be brought to life and are also used to verify the system or solution will perform as expected.


Using this software at NERAK has allowed us to provide an enhanced service to our customers for both Unit Load Solutions and in Bulk Material Handling. We work together to identify the best solution for the application and the type of materials being handled, we then build the modelling to demonstrate the working solution as we can to reality.


We scale our modelling to the environment of the application. For example, the modelling can be a single stand alone machine, or sit within a section of a Warehouse, Factory or Distribution Centre.

The software allows us to set up environments with a whole host of catalogue images to choose from. Its become absolutely possible to recreate either what exists or what will exist. It allows people to see what will work best and what they may want to change or find they need to change.

Investing the extra time like this as part of the planning stage really pays dividends to achieving a great long term solution.


Providing our customers with a facility to see their throughput rates demonstrated in real time and at speed has given them more confidence about what efficiencies they will achieve and it helps to make their decision making process more tangible.


“It’s brilliant to see how the solution could function within our site. It helps us better understand how all the systems work together and it’s thought provoking too because suddenly you see further potential you hadn’t seen before and questions you want to involve the wider team in.”



The video above show how closely this technology is able to reflect reality as we then look at an installation picture of this project in real life.


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