News: Comfort Zone Carnage as Design Engineer Josh Smashes The Tough Mudder Challenge!


Having been to a Wedding the night before and with only four hours sleep Josh was feeling a tad delicate however being the robust chap he is he wasn’t going to let that stop him!

By day, Josh Williams is one of our NERAK Design Engineers working in the Projects Team and is known as one of the happiest people ever!!!

He always has the widest smile on his face, not only is he a true professional and absolutely dedicated to his work, he’s simply a real pleasure to work alongside.

Josh in work.

Along with his brother and two of his mates, Josh thought it “would be a laugh” to take part in the renowned ‘Tough Mudder Classic’ 10 mile Challenge.

This includes a running route with some twenty-odd challenging obstacles along the way which are designed to rid participants of their comfort zone and…you guessed it… it’s very likely that you end up knee deep, or in some cases, up to your shoulders, in Muddy Mayhem!

Josh second in from the left

Josh enjoys keeping fit and he and his brother initially signed up for the August event around February time.

They felt it would be an incentive for further training however  Josh admits that the increase in intended activity didn’t quite pan out as planned to the point where there wasn’t any at all!


“The day itself was ideal, there was sunshine with some clouds so not too hot and importantly not too wet. All the participants gathered together and on came some dramatic music followed by group chanting and some mega motivation speeches from the organisers.”


Preferring an element of the unknown, Josh had decided he wouldn’t check out the obstacles on the course in advance.

Whatever they were, he was determined to get through them but tells us that there were two in particular that really did catch him by surprise.

One was the Arctic Enema – an ice challenge which saw him shooting down a slide which cascaded into a pool of freezing cold water, “it took my breath away, the secret is to keep going, if you stop you can’t get going again and a few people had to be helped out by lifeguards.”

Josh completing the Arctic Enema


Then there was the Electric Shock Obstacles – the worst of which was just before the finish line…

With tired legs, they had all lined up to tackle a series of overhead cables hanging from a framework about 7 foot high.

“We had to run through a muddy trench while swerving to try to avoid the hanging cables and …. Crack! One got me right in the back and I just hit the floor instantly straight into more mud! It gives you quite a shock, I’ve never experienced that before, you loose complete control of your body. We were all laughing though and the spectators thought it was hilarious, it’s on video too so maybe it’s one to send to You’ve Been Framed in the future!!”


Josh and his mates really enjoyed it and said it wasn’t too hard although in hindsight they would recommend people putting some training in!


If you like the sound of this, you might like to know that you can do these events to fund-raise for charity, just for fun like Josh did or as team building outings with work colleagues for example.

Whether you live in the city or in the countryside there’s an event to suit everyone with an array of UK locations and different levels of “Toughness” to choose from. Learn more about upcoming Tough Mudder events here; Tough Mudder Upcoming Events





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