News: “Investment In People is Fundamental to the Success of our Business, Time Out for Quality Training is Vital” explain NERAK Directors


“I’ve always been a firm believer in top class training and that’s what we aim to deliver here at NERAK” says Sales Director Simon Musgrave.

“The ethos has always been to significantly invest in training for our teams, it’s simply in our DNA, Simon continues.

We are very lucky to have been able to recruit high caliber colleagues with broad skill sets and in-depth industry expertise.

We believe in investing in the continued development of every colleague. Witnessing the growth of individuals after taking time out for their own self-development is extremely rewarding.”


Managing Director John Oakley adds, “The environment of today demands rapid response, leveraged creativity, resilience, individual effort and performance in order to remain competitive. Agility and adaptability is key.

We encourage each other to seek out opportunities to evolve, challenge and grow our skill sets. We believe this has contributed greatly to the success and growth of NERAK over the last ten years. People are better placed to make informed decisions with confidence, standing out as leaders who then go on to encourage the same sharing of knowledge with others.

There is no limit to the scope of categories of training courses which NERAK seek to cover. We focus on encouraging people to train in subjects they believe will support their development and with a view to this improving people’s life skills inside and outside of the workplace.”

Managing Director John Oakley (Left) Simon Musgrave Sales Director (Right)

Simon goes on to say “We’ve enrolled colleagues on a broad range of courses from video and photography skills, resilience, the science of mental toughness through to IOSHH, ‘Prince’ Project Management and many, many more…

One of the courses John and I have found most beneficial is a course at The Cardiff Metropolitan University called Twenty20 Leadership and Business Growth.

You have the flexibility to gain a qualification – a third of a Master’s Degree, or simply attend the course.

It offers a fantastic mixture of academic research shared by university professors and elite coaches and seasoned professionals along with fresh, thought-provoking ideas from individuals who challenge workplace norms like Dr Paul Thomas founder of DNA Definitive.

We’ve now seen five people complete this course and will continue to support this as it’s has provided a very rounded overview of the considerations all businesses have to make both now and in the future.”


The course at Cardiff Metropolitan University covers Leadership, High Performing Teams, Resilience and Mental Toughness, Coaching and Development, Innovation, Creativity and Lean, Finance, Marketing and Managing Change, and Strategies for Business Growth.

Follow the link here to find out more about what our Financial Controller Peter Francis felt having completed the course….

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