Case Studies: Multi Tier Support For 3PL Distribution Centre

NERAK’s Solution ensured a Global 3PL with a Four Tier Mezzanine could move materials on and off pick floors at a New E-Commerce Distribution Centre



Front View of NERAK Mezzanine System – consisting of two Dual Carriage Reciprocating Hoists and a Continuous Platform Elevator

What problem did NERAK need to solve?

The solution needed to allow the customer to simultaneously convey high throughputs of replenishment stock and totes from inbound deliveries up to their Pick Floors on the mezzanine and then back down and out to despatch areas.


The most suitable lifts for this project were Multi-Platform Reciprocating Hoists  of which NERAK installed two “Dual Reciprocating Hoist” structures which were installed following the completion of the mezzanine as part of the new build process along with a Continuous Platform Elevator which took product and totes from high level conveyors to the second Reciprocating Hoist Structure.

How did it work?

Each structure contains two lifts, each of which has twin carriages working independently from each other to service every floor level of the mezzanine.

One carriage will deposit a carton or nested empty tote whilst at the same the other carriage will collect a picked tote.

This creates a double cycle and is extremely energy efficient.



Structure 1 is about 40 metres from Structure 2, linked by a conveyor system and a Continuous Platform Lowerator which are fed directly from inbound deliveries in feed lanes at ground floor level. The continuous platform lowerator receives empty totes and boxed product from high level conveyors and moves them to a lower level to join the infeed of Structure 2 to replenish the pick floor.



For this particular project Interoll High and low level conveyors, cross transfers, high speed diverters. Zero Line Pressure zones, Incline belt conveyors, and zoned bends formed the main routes for infeed and outfeed conveying.

There were two reasons for choosing Interoll; firstly the quality and consistency of the product, and secondly the comprehensiveness of Interoll’s range.

NERAK chooses like minded suppliers who are able to provide products of the highest quality which complement NERAK’s brand.


Within in any pick floor system, Reject Lanes are often a necessity to maintain a continual flow of totes and product and minimise disruptions which may impact throughputs.

Barcode Scanners determine the destination of a product. If a barcode is missing or can’t be read, High Speed Diverts move the product off the main infeed to the Reject Lane where DC teams investigate further.

As a Tote or Product continues on the infeed to the main lift carriages it is re-aligned where necessary by alignment conveyors ensuring it can be fed onto the cross transfers which then feed the load directly onto the carriage.


SEW Motors power the Lift Systems, sensors, scanners and conveyors network.


Why the customer chose NERAK

The customer had confidence in the NERAK Brand’s pedigree providing the highest quality lift systems to customers worldwide.

NERAK had already delivered a similar solution into another of their sites which was highly successful so this was fully tried and tested and perfect for the demands of an E-commerce Distribution Centre.

The customer wanted a UK based manufacturer with design, installation, training, aftersales and service support capabilities to supply a full turnkey solution.


How did the system perform?

The resilience, longevity and reliability of the NERAK system gave them the capacity to effectively manage their increased throughput demands through peak periods.

Importantly the lifts used rubber-chain technology which doesn’t require frequent lubrication. This results in very little downtime for service or maintenance and thus minimises the associated costs.

Engineering Manager Colin Watkins Delivering On Site Training To Site Teams

The system achieves a throughput of up to 900 products an hour over the four floors.

The site teams periodically receive training from NERAK trainers which has increased their confidence when operating through the demands of peak periods and had a direct impact in reducing the amount of operator errors and downtime.


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