Spiral Elevators for use in Food Applications

Spiral Elevators for Food Applications | Spiral Conveyor for Food

Product Overview

The proven solution for high–capacity, vertical elevation or loweration of food products within the food environment.

The Nerak food spiral elevator is the ideal solution where a continuous process for the vertical elevation or loweration of boxes, cartons or food products is required. The belt is very open and easy to clean and the materials are all food approved.

The flexible set-up enables clients to configure the Nerak spiral solution to suit their specific conveying needs. This is particularly useful where the product needs to be turned through 90 degrees during elevation, avoiding the need for expensive cross transfer conveyors.

The Details

The Nerak spiral elevator for food industries has a side driven modular belt. The friction coefficient is reduced to a minimum by using guide bearings at the side.

The belt is very open and easy to clean and all materials are food approved. To prevent wear during heavy-duty use the Nerak food spiral elevator uses belt panels made from POM (Polyoxymethylene). The excellent wear resistance is perfect for transporting products.

Careful design and component selection ensure quiet operation, low maintenance and long life. The Nerak spiral elevator is available with a variety of belt widths and with a capability of moving up to 3,000 units per hour.


If you are interested in knowing how long a lift like this takes to install, have a look at our Installations page here NERAK Installations Information


  • The modular belt is fixed over the full width of the elevator with a 6mm stainless-steel rod. This design ensures an easily washable flat belt surface and prevents belt panels from breaking out. Guide bearings on both sides prevent flipping the belt
  • The Nerak food spiral needs only one drive. The drive is connected to the belt with a strong stainless steel chain.
  • The roller support and guide bearings minimize belt friction and reduce energy consumption. Only one motor is required which in turn minimises operating cost..
  • The Nerak food spiral has a full stainless steel construction. As the framework, belt links, rods and bearings are all stainless steel, the conveyor can easily be washed down. This makes for a highly hygienic conveyor
  • Available with a 254mm or 308mm belt width going up to a 1016mm belt width
  • Suitable for either elevating or lowering goods
  • Bi-directional option available

Example Applications

Modular Belt conveying multiple bakery products
Food Grade Modular Belt

End of line applications

  • Bakery
  • Frozen food
  • Beverage conveying
  • Confectionery
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