Multi-Platform Reciprocating Lift

Multi Platform Reciprocating Lift

Product Overview

Fast, efficient and safe movement of totes and cartons between multiple levels

The Nerak multi-carriage reciprocating lift is the ideal solution for servicing multiple mezzanine floors in picking applications. During each cycle, a full tote can be collected whilst an empty tote is deposited for replenishment.

Available in twin and quadruple carriage options, this solution is designed to improve the efficiency of each lift cycle, leading to higher throughput levels.

In addition, Nerak offers the option of independent left and right carriages, enabling more than one floor to be serviced simultaneously.

Comprising robust components, Nerak’s vertical lifts ensure reliable operation in even the toughest of applications. They can either be supplied as a stand-alone system or integrated into a larger warehouse solution.

Nerak can provide a comprehensive service, from initial layout through design, manufacture, assembly and installation to commissioning – maintaining close contact with clients throughout.

You can see a Multi-Level Reciprocating Hoist System working as part of a Pick Floor Solution.

View A 3D Simulation Here of Multi Reciprocating Hoists And A Boxlifter Servicing Pick Floors On A Mezzanine


If you are interested in knowing how long a lift like this takes to install, have a look at our Installations page here NERAK Installations Information


  • Available in two and four carriage options
  • Can be designed to load totes / boxes one behind the other or side by side
  • Independent left and right carriage option available
  • Suitable for individual item weights up to 50kg
  • Belt speeds up to 3m/s
  • Counterbalanced version available
  • Cantilevered version available
  • C or S configurations


Example Applications

  • Multi-floor pick face applications
  • Warehouse & distribution facilities
  • Internet fulfilment houses
  • Click and collect operations
  • Moving product between multi-tiered mezzanine floors


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