Nerak Pendulum Bucket Elevator

Product Overview

The gentle bulk-handling solution for high-throughput and multi-discharge applications

The Nerak pendulum bucket elevator is the tried and tested solution for the gentle and high-throughput elevation of bulk materials such as food products, soap powders, aggregates and recycled materials. The elevator is specially designed to convey bulk materials from one or more feed points to any number of discharge points.

The conveying paths can be horizontal, vertical or inclining without any additional transfers.

At the heart of every Nerak vertical conveyor is the renowned rubber block chain, which achieves its high tensile strength from embedded vulcanized steel cables. Its link-free format ensures quiet operation, avoids the need for lubrication and provides corrosion-free operation. With wear-resistant design and no chain stretch, the drive system has very low maintenance needs.

Other advantages of the Nerak pendulum bucket elevator include a small physical footprint where space is at a premium, along with very low carbon footprint due to the absence of friction. The elevators are easy-clean for those times where cross-product contamination is an issue.

Product Trials

If you would like to see how your products and our lift systems can work together you are welcome to use our Product Trial Service. This is bespoke to your requirements and allows you to test our how your products will be conveyed using our systems.

We can do this on your behalf or you can attend the Exhibition Centre at our Head Offices in Brecon and speak to our expert engineers. Contact us for more information.


If you are interested in knowing how long a lift like this takes to install, have a look at our Installations page here NERAK Installations Information


  • The Nerak pendulum bucket elevator consists of two endless and parallel rubber-block chains with robust, plastic or steel buckets running between the two. The buckets are generally suspended in ball bearings with the bucket opening always facing upwards. At the end of the conveyor the buckets are emptied by tilting mechanisms that are pneumatically or electromagnetically controlled
  • The elevators are available in both S and C configuration
  • Depending on the application, the Nerak pendulum bucket conveyor is equipped with one or more in-feeds. At the infeed, the product is fed into the buckets from the top at a controlled rate. The feed opening is sealed to the bucket belt
  • Nerak pendulum bucket elevators can be provided with any number of discharge points and by tilting the buckets by up to 180 degrees, the product is carefully discharged by gravity
  • Each elevator is built with safety and inspection panels (in solid or mesh materials) allowing internal monitoring and ease of access for maintenance and cleaning
  • The elevators are manufactured from mild steel (with a powder-coated finish), stainless steel or galvanised steel
  • For food environments, easy-clean and magnetic-detectable bucket options are available
  • Conveying heights of up to 50m are possible and ATEX compliance options can be incorporated during the design process
  • All safety and control devices are wired back to a locally mounted junction box for connection to the customer’s control system

Example Applications

  • Food
  • Chemicals and soap powder
  • Aggregates and minerals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Recycling and waste
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