Product Overview

Nerak circulating conveyors are designed for the continuous vertical handling of unit loads with loading and unloading points at various levels (paternoster principle). These systems are used mainly in large dispatch centres with many infeed and discharge levels.

The continuously circulating system uses the Nerak rubber block chain from which platforms are suspended. The load is fed in on the way up and discharged on the way down.

There are two distinct types of system, depending on whether the unit loads have identical or varying dimensions. The type of conveyor determines the design of the loading and unloading stations and thus the throughput. For example, for loads of identical dimensions it is possible to achieve throughputs of up to 1200 units per hour.

The circulating vertical conveyors are fabricated in welded sections to facilitate ease of transport and erection on site.

The structure is designed to be self-supporting, including the drive and all feed and discharge stations.

The conveyor is completely enclosed with perforated sheet cladding, with maintenance doors at the feed and discharge stations.


  • Circulating conveyor for unit loads of identical dimensions, such as standard totes or boxes 600 x 400 x 400mm
    • These conveyors are designed for unit loads of identical dimensions. The items are loaded and unloaded by pivoting belt conveyors, which transfer the items to and from the loading position
    • The platforms, tailored to each individual system, take the items from the transfer conveyors on the way up, and deposit them onto the transfer conveyors on the way down
  • Circulating vertical conveyors or unit loads of varying dimensions, such as totes, trays, cardboard boxes and parcels
    • With this type of conveyor the items are loaded and unloaded by hinged chain conveyors which pick up and support items of varying size
  • These loading and unloading stations consist of:
    • A hinged, non-driven set of rollers which are swivelled into the working position from the opposite side to support the loads; and a
    • Hinged, motor-driven, multi-strand chain conveyor which reaches between the fingers of the platform
  • The platforms are designed in the form of a rake, consisting of a series of open fingers from a central rib in order to allow items of varying dimensions to be loaded and unloaded

Example Applications

  • Internet fulfilment houses
  • Warehouse & distribution facilities
  • Department stores
  • Hospitals
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