Spare Parts

NERAK Spare Parts 

NERAK elevators are renowned for their quality and reliability; one of the major contributing factors being the use of high-quality components.

Using genuine NERAK spare parts will maintain the integrity of your machine and result in reduced downtime and associated costs.

We hold an extensive range of spare parts for collection and delivery as required at our Production Site in Brecon, Wales.

Special Order – Longer Lead Time Parts

Some of our special order parts are bespoke to your very own lift system.

Due to the nature of their design these parts have longer lead times which is generally six weeks or more.

Examples include NERAK Rubber Belts, Shaft Assembly’s and Platform Assembly’s.

Please contact us if you require a quotation and we will provide you with our current lead-time.

Platform Refurbishment Programmes for your Continuous Platform Elevators

Continuous Platform Elevators are unique in that some of the platforms can be removed from the machine for maintenance while other platforms remain within the machine for it to remain operational.

This can allow customers to gradually refurbish their platforms and in doing so extend the longevity of their machine using planned maintenance programmes like these.

You can return your platforms to us either by sending them direct or we can uplift them from you.

Over an agreed timeframe we will;

  • Strip down your platforms
  • Identify any parts which need replacing
  • Replace those parts, refurbish the others and then return them to you looking like new.

Some businesses find it useful to do this on a rotational basis.

When the first set of platforms are returned to you fully refurbished, we then begin work on the next ones requiring refurbishment.

This continues until all platforms have been through the programme.


Making an Enquiry

When making Spare Part Enquiries please include your Machine Serial Number information which you can find on your machine’s name plate. We can then quickly identify historical data, drawings and part specifications relevant to your machine.

“Very reliable, sturdy and long lasting kit.”

Peter Price

Engineer at Shop Direct Group

Spare Part Packages

NERAK can provide you with a quotation for Spare Parts Packages which identify the common wear parts on your machine.

We recommend you keep this critical spares list on site to support your machine maintenance regime.

This gives you peace of mind that you will have the most vital parts to hand when you require them.

Training for Operators and Maintenance teams

NERAK also offer Training for Operators and Maintenance colleagues.

These are bespoke designed for your particular lift system, site and application.

As part of the session we share our recommendations for best practice maintenance routines, parts to keep on site and what to consider when ordering longer lead time bespoke made parts.

We are able to provide Training Videos for your new starters on request.

The video reflects the same information which is covered by our Trainers so that anyone joining the team after the training session can still receive the same level of knowledge which helps to ensure consistency of knowledge within your operation.

We welcome you to Contact us with any questions you may have.



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