Installation Service

NERAK offer a fully supported Installations Package to any UK site on all NERAK machines

Whether it’s an Internal Installation…
Or An External Installation… Our Team are always here to help….


Our General Installation Process

As a customer you would first have contact with our Installations Team after we receive your purchase order.

A member of our team would visit your site and complete a Full Site Survey to ascertain how the project will be installed which focuses on agreeing the best method of installation for both your team and ours.

One of the things they will look for at is the access to both to the site and around the location of your NERAK lift.

Consideration is given to access for vehicles, for personnel, for equipment, for machinery and for the lift itself.

For more information on what factors we take into consideration at a site survey please see the “Planning An Installation” section below.

This information is shared with our Operations and Projects Teams and the design of your machine will then be completed.

A General Assembly (G.A.) Drawing will be shared with you for sign off. When the G.A. is signed off lead time and installation schedule can be confirmed and RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) shared with your team.



Timescales for Installations are variable due to our machines being bespoke designs for each application, that said, we can provide you with some approximate indicative timings.

Boxlifter Installation for a standard 10 metre high machine: 3-5 working days

Bucket Elevator Installation for a standard 10 metre high machine: 3-5 working days

Reciprocating Hoist Installation across four floors: 2-3 weeks

750kg Pallet Lift Installation with some controls and in and outfeed conveyors across three to four floors: 2 -3 weeks

1.5 Tonnes Pallet Lift Installation with some controls and in and outfeed conveyors across three to four floors: 2 -3 weeks

2.5 Tonnes Pallet Lift Installation with some controls and in and outfeed conveyors across three to four floors: 2 -3 weeks

Pallet Lifts without controls or conveyors across four floors: 3-4 working days

Spiral Elevator up to 6 metres high: 2-3 working days


As the complexity of your project increases so may the time frames of the installation period.

For example if you require a mixture of our NERAK lifts as part of a full system requirement which includes controls and conveyors, the time frames of installation will need to increase and we would need to give you our bespoke recommendations.


The Site Itself, Access and Vehicle Movements

  • Site suitability for installation – Sometimes when sites are new builds or when we are adding to existing equipment, the site itself may need to undertake various tasks to make the site suitable to receive our installation, we would need to consider what these things may be and what stage they will be at the point of install.
  • In relation to the Site itself, what equipment will NERAK need during the install – This may include lifting equipment or electrical equipment due to location of electrical points of supply or any other relevant equipment.
  • Has a power supply location been agreed and where are the power outlet locations and what is the distance from the installation site.
  • Will there be any lifting equipment on site that NERAK can utilise if required, what is the site’s process for sharing equipment during installation
  • Have the floor apertures been cut to correct dimensions? (if applicable), are the floor apertures aligned through multiple floor levels? (if applicable)
  • Have all floor levels been checked and measured?
  • Has the floor loading been considered to ensure it can accommodate the weight of the machine/s
  • What is the headroom restriction above the location of the system to be installed? (note measurement taken)
  • Has an unloading area or areas been identified to NERAK for the duration of the install – we need to consider where this may be in relation to the installation site itself, how the location may affect movements of machinery and personnel, resource requirements, safety, unloading at different times of day or night and any consequent impacts on timescales for the installation
  • Are there specific unloading requirements we need to be aware of – will we be able to access the unloading area quickly or are their vehicle movement plans and inbound and outbound deliveries ongoing that need to consider, will their be someone available for off loading at all times who is forklift trained.
  • Access – we look at access to the machine installation location site for plant equipment, access to the NERAK Machine and access for the engineers themselves. We need to consider this for all eventualities over a 24 hour period as we may be operating outside of normal working hours.
  • An agreed area of working – Can the agreed area of working remain cordoned off and completely clear, especially clear of machinery, pallets and product so that it remains fully accessible for both NERAK equipment, machinery and personnel throughout the duration of the installation.

Company Specific Guidelines and Requirements

  • Are there any company guidelines you may require us to adhere to with regard to any stage of the manufacture and/or installation process
  • Are there specific Packaging Requirements you need us to follow
  • Who will be the Project Manager NERAK need to communicate with throughout the install. Are there any preferences to the method of communication, are there any update meetings you would like which will need to be planned in to the install schedule.


  • Who should receive the RAMS (Risk and Method Statements)
  • Who should receive the Operator Manual for the NERAK Machine
  • Where relevant who should receive certifications, for example LOLER Certification
  • Who will be the point of contact at completion of the installation between both NERAK and the customers team for ongoing communications and support

What We Need From You

Before Installation…

  • Support to gather all information from the “Planning An Installation” section above.
  • Production Throughput figures/ Bulk density information/number of pallets per hour
  • Ideal time-frame
  • Throughput and load testing expectations
  • Any sub-contracting companies NERAK are required to work with throughout any stage of installation before, during or after NERAK Installation
  • Advance notice of any security checks/ licences needed for onsite working (CRB for example)
  • Information on Welfare Facilities for NERAK during Installation
  • Other contacts for the Installation Site/ additional site locations and information requirements from NERAK
  • Onsite working hours and emergency contact details
  • Training Support Requirements for your teams

During ….

  • Test product available during commissioning
  • Defined Installation Area kept clear

After Installation and Commissioning

  • Agreed contact persons for future Aftercare support


Supervised Installation

NERAK can also offer Supervised Installations if you prefer your own teams or an integrator to undertake your installation. We are available throughout the period of installation to advise and support you with our expertise.


Flow Of Works During Installation

Each installation will be slightly different depending on your bespoke requirements but this would be the standard work flow during installation.

  1. Plant Equipment for use during the installation arrives first
  2. NERAK Personnel will arrive for their site induction
  3. NERAK Machine arrives for unloading
  4. Mechanical Installation Starts
  5. Electrical Installation and Controls Starts
  6. Machine/Full System commissioning
  7. Snagging post commissioning
  8. Training for Site Personnel if requested
  9. Throughput and Load Testing
  10. Final Sign Off and Handovers


NERAK Commissioning Validates Your Warranty

What happens during commissioning itself…

  • During the commissioning process all safety devices are systematically checked and signed off…
  • All mechanical and electrical functions are checked for correct operating processes
  • All Safety Signage and Site Specific Requirements are checked
  • Loler Certification is issued if applicable
  • OEM Manual is explained and handed over
  • The Recommended Service and Maintenance Schedule is discussed
  • NERAK Aftercare support framework, your warranty, future visits and relevant contacts four your team post installation are shared


Personnel Training Support Post Commissioning

After the commissioning of your project we train your team on their new NERAK lift.

We will advise them on the operating and maintenance of their kit to improve longevity of your machine

We advise on Frequently Asked Questions regarding system control panels, visible and audible checks on the machines, what to look for to prevent a fault, what to do in the case of a fault, what this could indicate and the recommended appropriate actions to take.

We can also support you with a Training Video to keep for your future new starters which is specific to your very own machine/system.

These videos can use spoken English to accompany the footage or if preferred they can be based purely on footage and pictures which we have found can be particularly helpful if your business has a number of personnel where English isn’t their first language.


Post Installation Support

NERAK are always here to support you before, during and after your installation.

You will be given key contact details post commissioning for our Aftercare Manager, our Spare Parts Manager, our Technical Support Engineer, our Service Manager and our Senior Project Manager.

We value your feedback and your experience is extremely important to us so between three and six months after your installation we will contact you to ask if you would like to arrange a Complementary Site Support Visit which is an opportunity for you and your teams to share any feedback you have with us about your NERAK experience, your machine, any element of our service to date and similarly we can answer any questions you may have or need from us in the future.

We are always contactable via our Head Office Phone Number 01874 612 900 or request a call back here;


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