Box, Tote & Carton Lifts

NERAK has a range of lifts to transport Boxes, Totes and Product across either single or multiple floor levels delivering throughputs of up to 3,000 units an hour.

Our unique rubber chain technology allows the safe and efficient transportation of goods whilst providing a corrosion-free operation.

These lifts are perfect for use within baggage handling, production areas, e-commerce, logistics and distribution and within warehouses.

To find out which solution might be most suitable for your application, contact us today.

Alternatively, we encourage you to look at our case studies where you’ll find real-life consumer examples of how we bespoke designed our lifts, to provide a reliable lifting solution.

You can also test your products using our Product Trial Service, learn more here.

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We have the experience, knowledge and skills that are necessary to design, develop and install the correct vertical material handling plant and equipment required for any given logistical process.

Scott Amber

Senior Project Engineer