Mezzanine Lifts

Mezzanine lifts enable users to safely and efficiently transport bulk materials in cages, stillages, pallets and dollies between multi-tier mezzanine floors. We offer standard lifts or fully integrated systems.

These Mezzanine lift systems are expertly manufactured in a variety of forms depending on your requirements. Ours include cage lifts, dolly lifts and goods lifts, all have bespoke designs to suit your application and installed by our team of expert engineers. Our Mezzanine lifts are recommended for the following applications: Department stores, sortation centres, Click and Collect facilities and internet fulfillment houses.

You can read our case study for XPO Logistics to learn more about their Pick Floor Solution.  Here you’ll be able to see an example of a Multi-Level Reciprocating Hoist System in action.

If you would like to see how your products and our lift systems can work together you are welcome to use our Product Trial Service. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information or arrange a trip to our Head Offices at our Brecon site.

A manually loaded and operated goods lift specifically designed to handle single mail cages. The counterbalanced design of results in...

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Whether you're handling pallets, stillages, dollies or roll cages, the Nerak mezzanine lift can be adapted to suit your needs....

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A manually loaded and operated goods lift specifically designed to handle pallets, stillages and cages. The counterbalanced design of results...

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Fast, Efficient And Safe Movement Of Totes And Boxes Between Multiple Levels Ideal solution for servicing multiple mezzanine floors in...

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The Nerak-Wiese hoists were delivered on time and to budget. They were up-and-running with a minimum of commissioning and uptime on the hoists is excellent.

Martyn Walters

Senior Production Engineer, Bisley Office Furniture