Wiese Continuous Bucket Elevator

Product Overview

WIESE continuous bucket conveyors allow horizontal-vertical-horizontal conveying in a single elevator eliminating transfer points which reduces product damage and abrasion.

This conveyor has been successfully implemented for many decades within various industries, transferring products of various characteristics such as abrasive or soft, flakes or powder, hot or frozen, humid or aggressive. The conveyed material is not scooped but is gently fed in by metering equipment. The number of inlets is unlimited.

The filled buckets arrive as an interconnected and closed belt at any infeed, which is sealed either by brushes or by silicone lips. This allows a gentle, clean, spillage-free operation. The conveyed material remains spill free in the buckets and without any movement which eliminates any product damage.

Individual line layouts like Z-shape, C-shapes or cascades are possible with the horizontal and vertical leg lengths are not limited.

There are many examples of WIESE elevators of more than 50 metres in length. As a result of the stability of the interconnected buckets, higher belt speeds are possible allowing smaller casing sizes for standard elevators. All WIESE conveyors require little maintenance and are extremely reliable.

Bucket Details

Every single bucket is interconnected by a flexible strip giving a closed and stable belt. The strips are available in different materials – Neoprene, Silicone, EPDM or Perbunan. This depends on the characteristics of the material being conveyed.

Strips are also available for food grade applications or for higher temperature applications. The buckets are retained via the use of polyester rods incorporating glass fibre inlays. The rods are then connected to the upper section of the rubber chain block and are secured with stainless steel spring ferrules. Each bucket can be removed from the system and be replaced.

Many years of experience go into selecting the appropriate materials for buckets. WIESE can offer buckets materials such as polyamide with glass fibre inlay, polypropylene or ABS.


If you are interested in knowing how long a lift like this takes to install, have a look at our Installations page here NERAK Installations Information


  • The elevators are available in Z, C or a cascade configuration
  • Multiple infeed option
  • Single discharge
  • Multiple bucket materials available
  • Food grade option
  • High temperature option
  • Easy-clean panel option
  • Large distance spans can be covered

Example Applications

  • Food
  • Confectionery
  • Chemicals and soap powder
  • Aggregates and minerals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Recycling and waste
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